How You Can use Technology to Catch a Cheating Partner

catch a cheater

Catch your cheating partner

The concept of cheating on Affair Dating Sites is one that has been causing a lot of ripples in the relationships of today. This can be seen both in terms of marriage and other forms of relationship. But one thing has to be present in a relationship before you can ever talk about the concept of cheating. It must be the type of relationship that entails commitment. When you are into something casual with a person, you must never talk about cheating, because your relationship with the person is already cheating. Now, the truth is that the emotions can be very troubled when we do not know things for sure. This is the reason why many partners will prefer to be aware of the cheating situations of their partners, especially when it concerns married cheating. Now, there are several means a partner can comfortably employ to find out whether the next party is cheating. In the recent past, it might have involved a lot of things that are not so streamlined. But these days that technology have taken over the life of man, there are other ways you can make use of technology, to find out whether your partner is cheating on you. These technological methods of finding out about cheating can help you find out about both technological and non-technological cheating. And for the records, this is done by the use of gadgets, applications and other forms of technological imputes.

Do you really want to know?

Now, the truth is that if you really want to find out whether your partner is cheating on you, especially when it comes to married cheating, you have to first decide whether you will take the decisive action when you find out or not. Discovery is very good because whenever you find out the truth, you will be relaxed. If there is a married cheating, you know about it and know what to do, if there is not, you know your partner is very innocent. That will be good also. But one thing you will never undermine is that if you are caught in this act of trying to know, it can go very sour. So, you have to be very discreet when you are doing this.

Using Phone

The number one method of doing this is by going through your partner’s phone, and this can be very dangerous because there is more possibility of being caught. Whenever a man or woman is having an affair, they will always communicate with their partner, especially when they are not with them at the moment. That makes it imperative that you partner will always find a way to communicate with the affair partner when he or she is with you. You have to be very vigilant with the calls. The next thing you can do is to read his or her text messages, emails, Facebook chats, messages and even twits. It is not possible these days for him not to be sending one or two messages through these means when he or she is not with the affair partner. However, you have to be careful not to be caught while checking.

smart phones

Catch a cheater via phone

However, it is very possible that your partner can be very smart. Many who suspect that you might be aware of what is going on will never do such when they get to the house. Many of them will therefore use a lot of software to lock their text messages, chats, IM and even their contacts or some will even go to the extent of erasing all the traces that might give them out. Here, there are two ways you can catch your partner. If you have a full fledged man or woman as your partner, and eventually you find out that he or she is always having no text messages in his or her inbox, it is not normal. Many will tend to be careful about this to the extent that they will delete almost all their text messages. They are not sincere and they are hiding something serious if it is so. Another thing that can aid you here is that there are a lot of software and programs that are made for this. What you need to do is to find a convenient time when your partner drops the phone or is not making use of the computer set. This software will immediately help you to find out all the erased documents from the system. They will also help you unlock all the programs that were locked with passwords and give you indebt access to them. One of that software is flexispy. It gives you full access to all call and SMS log, and this enables you to know all the people your partner has been connecting with. It also gives you access to all communication streams that connected to his or her phone. You get all these things even if they have been deleted or were locked with passwords or key. Maybe the greatest thing that flexispy will do for you is that it will allow you to track your partners location and position, and know whether he or she is where he or she claims to be. The height of it is by the activation of spy call by flexispy. This will allow you activate the phones microphone so that it will allow you hear what happens in her surrounding when you call your partner. This will actually aid you to catch the partner in the act if you so wish.

By Using GPS

Another way you can discover if your partner is into married cheating is by the use of the GPS location system. You simply need to activate it on your partner’s phone, and then call her to inquire where he or she is. Of course whenever a partner is cheating, he or she will always be prone to lying about his or her location. With the GPS, you will check her phone latter to know whether you have been lied to. You can also make use of the network ID to achieve this.

gps device

Great way to catch your partner cheating

Follow him/her

There is another way you can find out whether your partner is cheating, and this seems to be more effective and decisive. This will give you things as they are, but the problem with the method we are about mentioning is that there are more risks of being caught, and you know what it means to your partner if he or she finds out you are checking up on him or her to discover whether they are engaged in married cheating. If you are true about your assumptions and you are caught, you can expect no problems. But if you are not, the problem can start from there. Here we are talking about the use of hardware. There are these GPS magnets that you can just stick on her car. It can be on the bottom or anywhere you deem fit. They will just give you a record of all their locations for the day. There are also some small ball pens that are made for this. You can just drop them on their car and they will suspect nothing. That is if they do not know about them. These pens can also be dropped on his or her office table, or even in your bedroom, and they will record all conversations and happenings. If you are crafty enough, you can make them wear those. Then the last is the cameras. With the proliferation of technology, you can find different types of cameras that might be as tiny as a bean. Just stick one anywhere they will get full view of happenings, and you will be given the complete view of what happens. It can be on the car, on the TV cabinet, on the air conditioner, or even the ceiling.

Dating Advice From Someone Who Knows

The mistake that many men make when asking for advice on how to attract, or to date women is to ask other men. The problem with asking a guy is that rarely do they know what to do. They sometimes get lucky and find a woman who finds them charming enough to put up with them, but rarely are they so good at dating that they sweep a girl off her feet. That is why there is always “that guy” who has girls crawling all over him. What does he have that others don’t? What does he possess that you don’t? He probably isn’t rich, or famous, but he has figured out how to make a woman happy and what it is that she is looking for.

kissing in the field

Guys don’t watch chick flicks so what could they know about love

I am going to give you some dating advice from this guide, first hand from a woman’s perspective, to get any girl that you want. If you do the things on this list I can guarantee to you that you will never be wanting for a date, or be the one whose heart is broken. Following this guide will make you a “woman whisperer” because you will know what 99% of the guys out there don’t.

The bad guy

Many guys think that every girl loves a “bad guy”. It isn’t that they necessarily like a guy who is bad, they like to believe that they have the power to change a bad guy to good. If you want to be a bad guy the secret is that you have to be bad to everyone…but her. Guys who want to score with girls are jerks to the girl themselves. That is not what they are looking for. Girls like when a guy is a total asshole to everyone else and then is sweet to her. It is like she is the only one in the world who gets to see the nice guy. She believes then that she can change you into a good guy all the way around. Not only will she want to go out with you, she will do whatever she can to change you. In fact, the more rotten you are, the more downtrodden you become when with her the more she will try to accommodate. Forever chasing the nice guy, she will do whatever she can to stay with you and to bring out the “nice guy” that no one else and that she fell in love with.

heart in the sky

Even bad guys have hearts

Compliment but only when sincere

The thing that guys don’t get is that a compliment is more of a backhanded slap if it isn’t for real. If you tell her that she looks nice, but she knows you are only saying it because you think it is what she wants to hear, it will not be a compliment. Never compliment her on anything unless you mean it. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t compliment her until something really spectacular happens, that means that when you see her you should look hard to find something that you like and then be sincere. Compliments are great, but they have to have merit.

She isn’t looking for another girlfriend

When dating, guys think that if they listen and are into a girl, they will be liked more. The truth is that a girl doesn’t really want you to be that into her life until you are married. She wants you to be the guy who adores and has fun with her, but she doesn’t want you to engage in girl talk. If she starts to talk about some girl at work, or about her nail appointment, cut her off and start a new line of conversation. If you start going down that road, you will probably get a B-line to the friend place. Once there, you won’t be able to get. That is one of the best dating advice tips I can give to you.

some old photo

Don’t be her girlfriend

Talk about your mom

It is important to talk about your mom favorably and let her know how much you respect your mom, but don’t talk about her like she is your idol. Many girls are fearful of the Mommas boy, if you start to talk about your mom with stars in your eyes, she is going to get rid of you. Sure, girls want their guys to love their mom, but the woman doesn’t want to compete with her and always wants to make sure that you would pick her over your mom. Whether you would or not is of no concern, just make her think that you would always side with her.

Answer her

Nothing makes a woman crazier than not getting an answer. If it is something as simple as “can you go out tonight”, make sure to answer her timely. If you don’t answer her it will make her think that you don’t, or aren’t listening to her. That can spell disaster for any relationship.

The 3 Best Apps For Car Aficionados

As a Smartphone savvy car enthusiast you would have probably started with a slick navigation app. With a surge of new software, there is an exhaustive range of interesting products and apps on the racks. Whether it is about measuring the fuel economy of your vehicle or gazing at live video from a camera mounted on your dashboard, there is no dearth of applications for those who love driving. Read on for the 3 best apps for car aficionados.

My Car Park

Price: Free

System: iPhone

This app is technically developed for navigation but also proves to be handy for those who tend to forget their parking spot. This application is particularly useful when you park on the street and wander around the neighborhood for your shopping needs. After you have parked your car, it is geo-tagged by the app. You can also take snapshots of the area of parking and add small notes to help you remember the exact parking spot.

After you finish your task and are ready to get to your car, simply open the app and click on the button marked “Walk to car”. The app displays the shortest and best possible route and helps you navigate your way to the car. Cool—isn’t it?

Best Android apps for drivers, car owners, and car enthusiasts

Best Android apps for drivers, car owners, and car enthusiasts

Ford Sync Applink

Price: Free, but the app requires a Ford which is compatible

System: BlackBerry, Android and iPhone

The app is currently compatible with 2011 Ford Fiestas and will be added on to Ford’s line of Mustangs in the near future. This smart app allows drivers to plug in their Smartphone into the car and control several other applications.

It is to be noted that Ford Sync boasts of one of the greatest speech recognition software used for navigating the digital music systems and making phone calls. Until now, the apps of the likes of OpenBeak (which is a mobile client for publishing updates on Twitter), Pandora (service for streaming music) and so forth were being used when drivers were not behind their wheels. Applink allows car lovers to plug their handset into the defined console in their cars and control apps like Pandora and other navigation tools through an eight-inch touch screen, voice or controls mounted on their steering wheel.

Contour GPS location-aware HD sports camera

Price: Free. The cost of camera– US$349, encryption card for Bluetooth–US$30

System: iPhone

This recent app launched by Contour is compatible their own cameras and allows car lovers to stream live video on the go. This can be easily achieved through Bluetooth—albeit a little slow.



Though it is not yet designed to permit groups of people to set their eyes on action as they speed around the track, this camera has a built in system for GPS, which allows easy tracking of the driver’s location, speed and elevation. These rugged looking cameras can be mounted on the helmet, dashboard or any other location in the car. For example, trail riders love to place theirs on the handlebars, so that they can catch all the action as they scramble down the mountainside. How exciting!

Get ready to download your own version of these apps—for free!

What You Need To Do To Get Your Crush’s Attention

Getting attracted to someone is something that happens often. You may have that one person that is your crush. The one person that when you see, you begin to have butterflies and you wish they would notice you. However, this may not be the case and you may end up feeling down and frustrated. There are things you could do that can ensure your crush notices you the next time you meet. Simple but effective ways to get that attention you need from your crush and strike a good rapport. This is the start of a good relationship.

Confidence is your weapon

You must exhume confidence if you want your crush to notice you. This immediately gets their attention to you. Every man or woman wants to have someone confident at his or her side. This means that your outward expression is of you know you are confident and you have something to offer that no one else can offer. This way, you get the attention and naturally, confidence is attractive to anyone. Be free with yourself and remain cool. There is a fine line between confidence and pride. You need to ensure that you do not overdo something and seem like you are being proud.

Best Bad Ways to Get Your Crush's Attention

Best Bad Ways to Get Your Crush’s Attention

Be yourself no matter the situation

Your goal is to get your crush’s attention. This may give you the temptation of acting like someone you are not. You need to be true to yourself and be who you really are; this is a sign of maturity and a real interest. This clearly defines you and attracts your crush. You need not worry about your crush not liking you or your personality. In fact, you find that your crush has a lot more interest in you when you act naturally. Be a nice, person that is approachable and not a hostile person that thinks they are better than everyone else is.

Groom well and talk

Good dressing, hygiene and grooming are very important if you want your crush to notice you. Wearing clean, fresh and good clothes get the attention of the person you have your eye on and this attracts them. For women, a thin layer of good make up enhances your look and brings out your best. You do not have to apply layers of make up to impress your crush, this comes naturally when your crush sees you in your best. For men, your crush is most likely to appreciate a neat and well-groomed man. It is attractive when she sees you neat and smelling fresh. This shows that you take your crush seriously to look good for them.

Ways to Catch The Attention of Your Crush

Ways to Catch The Attention of Your Crush

Getting your crush’s attention is a great adventure. It is important to present yourself in a good way. Even if you may get closer to each other in the future, it is important to maintain a level of order, neatness and respect. You should ensure that your character traits improve and maintain good habits. This is what keeps the fire burning after getting closer to your crush. You need to show that you still have that attraction to your crush.

Cutting Down On Sugar- 5 Easy Ways To Cut Sugar Out Of Your Diet

It is rightly said that sugar is hardly avoidable. And especially with the introduction of several new junk foods to the food market, the consumption of sugar has increased even more. But originally, sugar wasn’t exactly an integral part of man’s diet. In fact, sugar was one of the delicious matters which were very hard to obtain. According to reports, 150 years ago, people ate no sugar but now the scenario is completely different. On an average, each person consumes about 1 kilo of sugar each week.

It is always advisable for an average person to consume less amount of sugar as too much sugar involves the risk of a wide range of serious diseases which include dental cavities, diabetes, obesity, unexpected hyperactive behavior and the list goes on. Let us have a look at 5 easy ways to cut sugar out of your diet.

Identification of the sources of sugar

It is very essential to identify the exact sources of sugar in the diet so that the person can completely avoid those foods. These include the:

Cereals: Some cereals contain a lot of sugar and hence should be avoided.

Fast and processed food: Adding sugar to one’s diet serves in increasing his/her craving for the food even more. Hence in order to encourage people to eat more, the fast food manufacturers add lots of sugar.

  • Canned products
  • Flavored dairy products
  • Beverages
  • Canned fruits
The white stuff: Are you a secret sugar addict and how can you wean yourself off it

The white stuff: Are you a secret sugar addict and how can you wean yourself off it

One needs to quit snacking on sugar

It is a common thing that sugary snacks get into people’s diet in severable unrecognizable way. These start from the morning breakfast itself including the morning muffin, the candy bar in the afternoon, the evening canned fruit juices. All of these tend to add up. Hence it is always advisable to snack on healthier options which include high fibrous food like apples, carrots etc. Moreover one needs to avoid consuming sugar through coffee or tea. One can use honey as a supplement for sugar in coffee and tea.

One should never skip breakfast

Skipping breakfast is the greatest blunder people tend to do in order to lose weight. This in turn reduces the metabolic rate of the body and people become more likely to crave sugar. One can choose to eat a decent breakfast of wholegrain cereals or porridge/oatmeal or toast. These foods tend to release energy slowly and hence one would feel full for longer duration.

How to Reduce Your Sugar and Salt Cravings

How to Reduce Your Sugar and Salt Cravings

Lessen the amount of sugar used in cooking at home

Reducing the amount of sugar in one’s diet doesn’t have any visible detrimental effects. One can always choose to add more spices in order to enhance the flavor. It is also advisable to increase the protein and fat content in one’s food. Consuming more fat and protein will serve in releasing the stored fast and in the process will tend to boost the metabolism. It is quite surprising to know that the human body burns much faster through carbohydrates than through fats.

Consuming less sugar is all about preserving one’s own health. In short, the benefits of reducing sugar consumption are much better than the initial disliking of going without sugar.

How To Avoid Hidden Bank Fees And Help You Save Money Every Month?

Introduction to Hidden Bank Fees

Banks are doing businesses to profit, no matter how greatly you benefit using the services of your banks. If you do not read and grasp the fine print, it is most likely that you will end up paying a lot of hidden bank fees every month that you could avoid easily. Besides, you could save the money that you paid in hidden fees charged by the banks. Many people can save some money that they earn by banking smart as hundreds of thousands of people are paying hidden bank fees in various different ways. If you are paying unnecessary hidden bank fees and struggling to save money then there are at least 3 ways to help you save money every month.

Prevent ATM Fees

Many people simply do not know that there are hidden costs to using an ATM. If you are paying hidden bank fees for using the debit or credit cards issued by your banks being not aware, you can easily get rid of these extra fees by checking your monthly statements carefully. Identify what extra charges or fees were charged to your accounts and contact your banks about those fees and how to get rid of them next time. It is easy to understand how these fees can add up. Use the ATMs that do not charge a fee. You can check your banks’ websites or ask a bank manager to find out which banks charge ATM fees. Also check out if your bank is part of a no-fee ATM network to avoid paying ATM fees.

 Ways to avoid hidden and upfront bank fees

Ways to avoid hidden and upfront bank fees

Prevent Hidden Overdraft Fees

You need to know how much you can be charged for using an overdraft limit that was agreed on previously or gone overdrawn on your agreed overdraft limit. Some people pay a lot of extra fees for using overdraft credit provided by their banks as they are not aware of why the banks charge them for using their overdraft credit facilities. The worst happens when they go overdrawn even on their agreed overdraft limit. If you fail to pay the fees within a specified time, you will be charged other hidden charges. It is important that you read the fine print and understand it properly so that you know what action to take if for any reason you spend just a little extra than the money you have in your account.

Check Out Transaction Fees

It is a good habit of checking out your transactions history on a regular basis. If you check out transaction fees then you will be aware of the fees associated with overdraft fees, account transfer fees, and other various different fees. If you know when your bank charges a fee for a specific transaction, you will learn how to get rid of it or avoid charges using an alternative way. If you do not check out your transaction fees, and know about these fees then these seemingly small fees can add up quickly.

Sending money abroad can be expensive, particularly if you use your high-street bank to make the transfer

Sending money abroad can be expensive, particularly if you use your high-street bank to make the transfer


The three ways mentioned above can help you save money every month by avoiding hidden bank fees. With a little foresight and planning you can avoid paying hidden bank fees and save hundreds of dollars or more every month depending on your spending habit and transactions history.

Three Topics That Will Help You Land At Your Dream Job

Interview is all about questions. The panel asks and you answer them. However, the unpredictability of the questions asked at the interview can be downright intimidating. For most of the people, the problem is not just pass an interview and get a job, but also to overcome the fear of defeat that continue to haunts them. Then, if you have been out of the work for a while, you may have lost of the confidence to face an interview panel. The question is how you can become bold enough to face an interview panel. All you need to do is just to follow the following 3 topics that will help you ace any job interview:

1. Read your Interviewer:

An interviewer is human and all human are different in character. Some like to be nice and make you feel as you have found a long lost friend. Then, there are others who try their best to be as intimidating as they can. The crust of the things is that you need to alter your strategy according to the character and the personality of the interviewer that you are going to face. However, you have to do a lot of hard work to achieve this. Study as much as you can about the company, read about its management and try to know about its reputation in the market. These prepared notes will help you to craft answers and make sure that you get the job.

How Proper Etiquette Can Help You Land Your Dream Tech Job

How Proper Etiquette Can Help You Land Your Dream Tech Job

2. Cross an extra milestone:

Crossing an extra milestone means doing some extra research that could give you a competitive edge over other applicants. Let us take an instance; do you know that wearing eye glasses makes you look smarter? Or that people with bald head are generally more intelligent that the rest of population? Do you know the name of the first company in the history of the world? How educated Bill Gates is? Now, this is mere raw information. It will be up to you how you make use of this data to make an edge over other competitors. One more thing, don’t forget to use the wash room just before interview. Trust me, it is not a joke but a huge deal because the last thing that you want to do during an interview is to create an awkward situation by asking to take a bathroom break in the middle of the interview.

How to Have a Good Job Interview

How to Have a Good Job Interview

3. Turn the Tide:

Let us imagine, most of your answers are terrible and the interviewer is about to say good bye. Don’t panic because there is always a way out and who knows you will be chosen on account of your smooth recovery from the failure. Take a deep breath and request them to rephrase your answer. Don’t forget to remain calm and cool and if possible, use humor, and don’t panic or regret your mistakes.

Last, but not the least, you should always remember that you are the protagonist of the interview. You can be asked if you have any questions about the job that you have applied for or about the company. This will give you an opportunity to show off by asking appropriate questions about company’s organization. Along with this, you must never create an impression that you are not enthusiastic about the job.