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At K.C.’s Plumbing & Heating we are widely known throughout Vancouver for providing quality plumbing services that will exceed your expectations as a new customer. And we are the go-to plumbing company for many clients who hire us for maintenance on various plumbing or heating needs.

Commercial Plumbing Company Near me in Hastings-Sunrise Vancouver

Commercial Plumbing Company Hastings Sunrise Vancouver

Customer satisfaction is essential for any service focused company who wants to build their recognition. A plumbing business who provides excellent service will be hired and called again to work on another project when the customer they are servicing was satisfied with its performance. Word of mouth advertising and testimonials from happy clients are the most effective tools for a company to acquire more customers and clients. It is obvious you will probably suggest these guys to friends, colleagues, and relatives if you have gotten good service from that contractor.

This standard applies when you hire the likes of any plumbing contractor to install any of the plumbing needs in a building or house. The plumbing system is not just for installation of water pipes and basic plumbing fixtures. It also includes water heating machines, general bathroom and kitchen components which also includes the sink, the bathtub and shower where you relax and comfort yourself in, and of course the tank that stores hot water.

Other basic parts of a plumbing service that a plumbing company must be capable of are the repairing of busted pipes, waste disposal units along with its cleaning and clearing of plugged pipes. A plumbing company may also include hvac and gas installations as part of their primary service. Licensed plumbing businesses are exact versed on local codes which allows you to enjoy the comforts of home free from worry.

The Value of Repeat Customers

A customer is pleased when the plumbing business does good work . In many instances, this person will talk to an acquaintance about the overall quality of service they received, thereby perpetuating referral advertising, which is the most valuable lead any business could get. This having been the case, any plumbing company who values their reputation and have a yearning to serve the public for a long time will be consistent with the overall quality of their work.

Local Laws and Regulations

Plumbing contractors and their services are bound to different laws and regulations specific to the place where it is located. This assures quality of service from all those who are performing such business. The industry must be regulated so that the local government is assured that only quality plumbing companies are operating in their area. Whenever you need a plumber, look online for reviews on local companies and try to determine if they are a good fit for your needs.

Many people think they can fix their own plumbing issues. However, they should remember they are also governed by the same set of regulations and laws that adheres plumbing companies. You could also be putting your loved ones, and possibly the entire building at risk should you attempt to do the job yourself. Therefore, hire a professional for the work. This removes the hassles you would face when attempting to fix a clogged or broken plumbing fixture in your own. It is not worth compromising that small money for a service you know little about.

If you need hydro jetting done call us for a quick quote by phone, so you know what you are looking at. Our office number – (604) 873-3753

No job too big or small, we can fix it. When you need a licensed plumber or are looking for plumbers we are the logical choice. Recommended by your friends and neighbors as their go-to emergency plumbing service experts. No matter what the problem, you can count on us. For the fastest service, use this phrase in search emergency plumber near me. Our name usually comes up



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Commercial Plumbing Company Hastings-Sunrise Vancouver

Recounting a Short Holiday in Newfoundland

St John’s Newfoundland is a proper city but it’s so easy to walk through that it feels a lot more intimate than one.

It’s streets after street filled with rows of colorful houses that, we decided to (figuratively) throw the map out of the window and just get lost in its colorful streets. It was brilliant.

Newfoundlanders are a very warm bunch and before long, we found ourselves chatting away to some city locals, eager to give us tips for us to make the most of our time in the city.

Dinner that evening had us return and I’m not even ashamed. Lol! I know I should be trying other places but the food was so good there and it was within walking distance that it was something of a no-brainer.

The following morning, on what was our final morning of the trip, we headed out to meet a local from Cod Sounds, for a bit of food foraging, followed by lunch, before heading for the airport.

Now here’s a bit of a confession, I’m not the biggest fan of foraging, I tend to get distracted part way through and subsequently bored so I tend not to look to do it. Lloyd, on the other hand, is quite the opposite and finds everything about it so fascinating.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for foraging, somehow (and I have to give huge credit to our guide for this), I had such an amazing time foraging for food!

I think it’s just how well she did it. She didn’t waste time explaining stuff I had no interest in and everything she did was with a purpose and a point. It felt very much like we were “shopping” in nature for stuff for our lunch which I loved. When she needed to, she explained why some of the stuff was necessary and how to select the right ones but it was just the perfect balance of information and activity.

She also grounded everything in how her family had done this for years and how the settlers from Europe (read: Ireland) had done this across several generations and something that could have been a dull afternoon became this fascinating insight into local customs, traditions and survival techniques.

Once we were done foraging we stopped in at a place where two ladies in the community were waiting for us all to have lunch together. Oh, and lunch was so good!

We dined on smoked fish, mushrooms, wild cabbage, stewed fish (cod) and even grilled moose – most of which was prepped right in front of us (asides from the stuff like smoked fish which was done in advance. Clearly it takes hours – maybe days? – to smoke fish properly)

We even had a dessert of wild berries and jams made from local berries. One of my favorite things about the whole afternoon was also the conversation.

Getting to meet the locals, felt like such a privilege to find out even more about Newfoundland and Labrador (I realized relatively recently that – and maybe this is in part because I like to talk a lot – nattering away with locals is one of my absolute favorite things to do when we travel).

I love learning about stuff that they do that’s perhaps similar or even very different from what we might do in the same situation and for me (as pretentious as this sounds), feels like an opportunity to learn even more about the world.

I feel like these perspectives actually make you a much more tolerant, much wiser person and this is something I definitely don’t take for granted. (Okay, I am aware of how soppy this all sounds, I genuinely enjoyed spending time chatting away with these ladies).

They sent us off with batches of wild spices, ground up with sea salt for us to make our own meals back at home!

Well, she put them together and we got to grind them (which means I’m taking full credit for making these even though I’d have had no idea what to put in them).

And just like that, it was time to head home.

Our time in Atlantic Canada, despite it being a week-long had felt fairly brief, I guess in part because we’d gotten to see so many parts of it over that week but it’s just left me wanting to come back for even longer to do it all again and then some more.

Duct Cleaning Tips

Clean your heating ducts for healthy fresh air at home. To ensure your family’s health, only have your ductwork cleaned with a high pressure reverse-air-flow system. Our high pressure air flow system strips out all dust and debris. The heating ducts are put back to original condition, like new – from the furnace to each vent in every room.

The Reverse-airflow Cleaning Technique

With reverse-air-flow a high pressure pneumatic tool such as an air whip or air brush is inserted into the heating vents to blow back debris under pressure and remove it from your home. Using up to 250 p.s.i. of compressed air, our technicians are able to clean each individual vent the entire length from furnace to the grilles, or registers in each room. When the process is complete your heating ducts will be clean and able to provide healthy airflow for your home.

Why Clean Heating Ducts are Important

Research from the American Environmental Protection Agency indicates the air inside your home can be up to 70% more polluted than outside air. This is due in part to the fact that modern homes are constructed to be airtight in order to on save heating costs and air is recirculated throughout your home through ducts that, if not cleaned regularly, add pollutants to the air. Additionally, dust, bacteria, pollen, pet dander and dust mite debris accumulates in your air ducts and can only be removed by having the ductwork professionally cleaned. It may come as a shock to learn that up to 20 kilograms of dirt and pollutants can build up in the heating ducts of the average home each year.

The increased sniffing and sneezing that most of us experience during the heating season can be caused or exacerbated by allergens and other irritants being picked up by the flow of air through your heating ducts. Molds and fungi are additional concerns in humid climates such as ours here in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. In fact, damp air ducts can contain more bacteria than a chicken coop.

Why Cheap Duct Cleaning is not a Good Choice

Saving a few dollars on furnace duct cleaning might actually compromise your family’s health. That’s because the simple vacuuming job you get when you use the cheaper heat vent cleaning services leaves a lot to be desired. It does a poor job of cleaning beyond a few feet of each rooms register. This method is incapable of cleaning the entire length all the ductwork in your home.

Tips About Cleaning Ductwork

For a healthy home and peace of mind, insist on the high pressure, reverse-air-flow technique. The high-tech system we use requires extensive operator training and substantial financial investment, but it is worth it. High-pressure duct cleaning gets every inch of your vents sparkling clean. The reverse air-flow dislodges debris particles of all sizes, something a simple vacuum cleaning system cannot accomplish.

Clean Dryer Vents

When in your home we like to mention the important of keeping your clothes dry vents clean and free of debris. Click the link below to read more about the danger of a clogged dryer vent and why it is important to keep it clean. Duct cleaning (or heat vent cleaning) is one of the most neglected home maintenance tasks, but something that should be done every five years or so.

Newfoundland Folk Architecture

The unique and striking architecture of Newfoundland has served to draw many tourists to the province. The Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador has long recognized and been an advocate of architectural heritage as an important factor in the preservation of Newfoundland’s cultural identity. The preservation of individual structures is crucial to the tourist industry, and the economic well being of communities.

Architectural heritage is not only of value to economic growth, it also contributes to social survival. If the value of what our ancestors built and the documentation of the skills used in constructing these buildings are recognized, then Newfoundland heritage in our Canadian society will be further enhanced.

Preserving our Past

Many people are drawn towards our beautiful old buildings and we, as Newfoundlanders, feel a strong pride that goes along with the wood and nails. The preservation of Newfoundland folk architecture in recent years has received deserving attention. In Bonavista, for example, the community college has developed a heritage carpentry course. Students learn how to reconstruct heritage houses, and as a result they are also enriched with the art of making traditional furniture. In Trinity, a number of local carpenters have revived the making of traditional windows and have created a market for these products throughout the province. Also, an inventory of Newfoundland folk homes is being compiled as part of a strategy to preserve Newfoundland’s architectural heritage.


Due to the lifestyles of early Newfoundlanders, many of their houses were built upon hillsides and cliffs by the sea. This would allow for easy access to the water for fishing. This posed a problem for the fishermen since building on a steep incline was risky business. The houses were unstable and in heavy rains, very unpredictable. In 1973, a mud slide caused by heavy rains swept four houses built along a hillside into the harbour. Four children died that night. This is a dark side of Newfoundland folk architecture; our houses are subject to harsh environmental conditions.

salt box home style

Salt Boxes

Construction Materials

A distinguishing feature of the majority of houses in Newfoundland is their wooden construction. The reason for this goes back to the seventeenth century. When settlers first landed on our shores they could not ignore the abundance of lumber around them. The style at the time in Europe was to build with lumber so these New World settlers also built their houses of wood.

Availability of wood was not the only reason why they chose lumber as the best material. Building a stone or brick house required a great deal of time and money, neither of which was available to most settlers. To build a stone or brick house required special skills and many months of dry warm weather which Newfoundland does not always enjoy. As well, bricks had to be shipped from England in order to have them as a building material. Stone was not an acceptable building material either, because the settlers would have to locate and operate an accessible quarry.

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